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We can define success story as like if a person who rises to fortune, achieved any brilliant achievement In the world for anything, his is a great success story. Lets know the success story of MyGreatLearning Students.

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It Was Truly a Great Learning Experience – Amrit Raj, PGPCC

With the fast-developing world that we live in today, it is essential to constantly learn and be updated with the latest technologies and applications that come along. Here is Amrit Raj’s upskilling...
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The Most Well-designed Cloud Computing Course – Rajabhupati, PGP-CC

Whether its a career transition or an upgrade to your existing role, it is essential to learn and gain from experts in the field. Here is how Rajabhupati benefited from Great Learning’s...

The PG Program in Cloud Computing marks a milestone in my career – Supriya...

Every educational experience is a career milestone. Here is how Supriya Aggarwal made the most of the Cloud Computing course by Great Learning. Tell us about your professional background.
Great Learning Success Story by PGP-CC Alumnus : Rajesh Kumar, Engagement Consultant at Cognizant

PG Program in Cloud Computing elevated my role: Rajesh, UK

Cloud Computing is swiftly becoming one of the top skills considered by tech-professionals to switch their career in. Read what Rajesh Kumar has to say about Great Learning’s PG program in cloud computing and...
Great Learning Success Story by PGP-CC Alumnus : Sai Venkatesh , DevOps Consultant at Verizon

PGP-CC course helped me with AWS certification -Sai Venkatesh

How PGPCC course helped me in passing the AWS certification? I have completed and passed the AWS Solution Architect Associate Exam in the month of March. Frankly speaking, I couldn’t prepare well and have started...