Digital Is Not a Strategy

  Digital is not a strategy. Social Media is not a strategy. Google is not a strategy. Mobile is not a strategy. Yes, you heard that right. Digital and the various mediums that it offers...
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Why Digital Marketing Should Be a Focus Area for Every MBA Program?

At the time of writing this, the live internet stats revealed that there were close to 3,844,290,105 people from around the world online. Over 168,464,899,765 emails were sent, 3,977,654,365 searches were made on Google...

Which Career Path Does a Supply-Chain MBA Hold for You?

According to an ASSOCHAM report, India spends close to 14% of its GDP on transportation and logistics, which is almost double of what other countries spend – around 8%. Besides, a Business Standard report...

The Essential Elements of an Ideal Product Roadmap

A good idea doesn’t guarantee a “winning product.” It takes a tremendous amount of brainstorming, allocation of resources, finalization of timelines, and a lot more before a concept is materialized and delivered within the...
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How to Start Learning a New Skill and Keep at It

February is about to end just like the last bit of motivation with which you made New Year Resolutions for 2018. But before you give up the resolve for a transformed body or a...