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From Comprehensive Content to Placements, Great Learning has it all- Akhil Kodali, PGP- DSE

We live in a world that is constantly developing and thus, it is essential to continue learning and stay updated with the latest technology. Here is Akhil Kodali’s experience with Great Learning’s...
python reverse string

How To Reverse a String In Python | Different ways to Reverse a String...

What is a String?Reverse a String in Python code  How to convert list to String in Python String functions in Python What is a String?

How Data Scientists are helping to flatten the Pandemic Curve – Weekly Guide

Amidst the global pandemic that we are currently facing, Data Scientists are actively doing their best to come up with solutions that can help flatten the curve. They are using the data...

Introduction to Backpropagation Algorithm, Definition & Case Study

Neural NetworkWhat is backpropagation?How does backpropagation work?Loss FunctionWhy do we need backpropagation?Feed Forward NetworkTypes of BackpropagationCase Study In typical programming, we input data, perform processing logic and receive...
prime numbers

Prime Numbers Program In Python

What is prime number?Is 1 a prime number?Co-prime numbers Smallest and Largest prime numbersPython Program for prime numbers What is a prime number? Prime...