Data Science has multiple applications in various domains. We have also seen many Data Science and Analytics solutions being developed to identify symptoms of COVID-19 among patients. If you wish to keep up with the recent developments, here are some articles that will take you through the advancements in data science and analytics

DNAnexus raises $100M for a cloud-based analytics platform

A cloud platform for governments, universities, doctors, and pharmaceutical companies, DNAnexus, taps into DNA, and other clinical datasets. It collaborates on scientific research projects and was originally spun out of Stanford’s school of medicine. It has announced a big step in its research efforts and has raised $100 million in funding. 

DNAnexus has also picked up a new strategic route this time- Regeneron Pharmaceuticals. One of the many companies that are currently working on antibody therapy that can be used for COVID-19 recovery. Their customers have continued to grow during the pandemic and have continued to use the virtual workspace provided. More and more people have started to make the shift towards cloud-based data analysis. Collaboration in this field is accelerating, and now is the right time to make this shift.

How Businesses can build trust with their remote analytics professionals

The pandemic has forced several businesses to rethink whether their workplace is the most optimal solution or whether they can transition to remote working environments. The shift in working from home has caused challenges for business leaders, and one of their main concerns is trust in the employees. Since the Data Science team handles essential business data, it is a complicated job role and leaders must be able to trust that their employees can smoothly carry out their tasks. Surveys suggest that close to 90% of people are experiencing a better work-life balance while working from home. 76% of people suggest that their productivity has increased and stress levels have reduced. Although this can be daunting for leaders, they must trust the employees and build a strong working relationship. 

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