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    Cloud Computing refers to providing on-demand computing services through an internet connection, and it’s offered as a pay as you go service.


    6 Reasons Why a Great Learning E-Portfolio is Awesome

    Tired of applying for jobs and not getting shortlisted? One of the key benefits of enrolling in any Great Learning program is the e-portfolio that you build as you learn and apply new concepts...
    cloud computing capstone project

    Setting up a hospitality business model on AWS

    A capstone project by Sajal Biswas and Shreya Sharma Use Case: Accommodation options in the travel industry are not limited to hotels and resorts. People often look for homestay options as this model benefits both the...
    cloud computing course benefits great learning

    10 Facts About Cloud Computing to Make You Look Smart- Great Learning

    Are you planning a start-up offering a SaaS in analytics? Maybe you head the technology division and are toying with the idea of using a hybrid cloud computing solution, or maybe you were caught...
    dos n donts cloud computing great learning

    10 Dos and Don’ts for a Successful Cloud Computing Career

    As more and more enterprises turn to the cloud, the need for experts in the cloud computing industry has never been greater. If you’re willing to make a career in this industry, there’s no...
    cloud computing course benefits great learning

    Top 5 Benefits of Pursuing Cloud Computing Courses

    Cloud Computing Certification Do you work in a highly technical environment? Would you like to shift to a totally different job and have a good understanding of the new duties you are embracing? Would you...