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Cloud Computing refers to providing on-demand computing services through an internet connection, and it’s offered as a pay as you go service.

cloud computing types great learning

Cloud Computing and Its Types

Could you imagine a device or software developed in the 1960s that may be affecting your life right now? Could you imagine it may have evolved so much through the decades that you don’t...

Introduction to Virtualization in Cloud Computing types and benefits

IntroductionVirtualization as a concept Defining Virtualization in Cloud ComputingWhat are the types of virtualization in cloud computing? Virtualization in cloud computing and how it works?Why should virtualization be even considered? Benefits of Virtualization Cloud...
cloud computing during covid-19

Cloud Computing Arises as a Saviour During This Pandemic

The ongoing crisis has resulted in thousands of students and professionals working from home and following social distancing, which has given rise to a steady increase in virtual meetings and interactions.
PG program in Cloud Computing - Payment Options

Flexible Payment Options for the PG Program in Cloud Computing (PGP-CC)

Great Learning’s PG program in Cloud Computing comes along with flexible, part-payment options so that money is not an obstacle in your path to learning. Here are the options:

Great Learning provides the best quality of education- AK Mahapatra, PGP CC

The main benefit of an online course is the flexibility of time and location, and Cloud Computing is the future. Read about AK Mahapatra’s journey with Great Learning’s Cloud Computing Course.