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    Cloud Computing refers to providing on-demand computing services through an internet connection, and it’s offered as a pay as you go service.

    disaster recovery

    Designing to embrace failure

    “The best-laid schemes o' mice an' men / Gang aft a-gley.” - Robert Burns.  A potential derivative could be - “The best-laid plans for the application on the cloud...
    fleet management on AWS

    Fleet Management System – An End-to-End Streaming Data Pipeline

    PROBLEM STATEMENT:  Fleet operators often suffer business and monetary losses due to a lack of information on the health of their fleet and inventory it carries. This problem arises...

    Great Learning provides the best quality of education- AK Mahapatra, PGP CC

    The main benefit of an online course is the flexibility of time and location, and Cloud Computing is the future. Read about AK Mahapatra’s journey with Great Learning’s Cloud Computing Course. 
    cloud computing-professionals-working remotely

    5 Ways Cloud Has Changed the Life of Professionals

    Picture the beautiful Lake Wanaka of New Zealand - the never-ending sand beach, the ducks, the sea gulls, the cold breeze, and the warmest sun on the planet. At 10 am, a bunch of...
    blockchain developer salary in india

    Blockchain Developer Salary in India- 2021 | Freshers Blockchain Developer Salary

    Who is a blockchain developer?Skills RequiredRoles and responsibilities of a blockchain developerBlockchain developer salary in IndiaHow to become a blockchain developer? Blockchain is the next greatest technological revolution....