Cloud Computing

    Cloud Computing refers to providing on-demand computing services through an internet connection, and it’s offered as a pay as you go service.

    What does the cloud industry hold in store for aspiring job seekers?

    Cloud computing as a concept has been around for a long time, and it’s constantly evolving nature has given way to a big growth spurt in terms of industry penetration and job growth. For...
    great learning skills report 2018

    Great Learning Skills Report 2018

    We are pleased to present the Great Learning Skills Report 2018 in collaboration with Analytics Vidhya. The report aims to provide you with an overview of the career opportunities in data-related domains and help...
    Linux containers Docker containers Great Learning

    Why Linux Containers Are As Cool As Docker Containers!

    4 fundamental reasons why you should learn Linux Containers along with Docker and why they're as cool as Docker Containers. Of course they serve different purpose, but are complimentary. Whether you are a developer, infrastructure,...

    6 Reasons Why a Great Learning E-Portfolio is Awesome

    Tired of applying for jobs and not getting shortlisted? One of the key benefits of enrolling in any Great Learning program is the e-portfolio that you build as you learn and apply new concepts...
    cloud computing in 10 years greatlearning

    5 Reasons Why Cloud Computing Will Grow in the Next 10 Years

    Sky is the limit for Cloud Computing. We are witnessing a massive growth in the adoption and evolution of cloud computing. Intypes some sense, cloud providers like Microsoft, AWS, Google etc. have become to computing...