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Top Data Science Companies in India and new Data Scientist jobs have come-up in organized and unorganized sectors over the years. Be it in sports, medicine, engineering, construction, agriculture, dairy farming, or pharmaceutical. Startups have taken over every nook and corner of the world. The world of top Data Science companies in India has opened the Pandora box of opportunities for youngsters and has opened new avenues of investment for venture capitalists.

The year 2020 took off smoothly, just as every year. While in an upward trajectory towards the stabilizing phase came COVID-19, an enemy unknown, invisible, and incredibly powerful. Our work scenario changed completely, and every company closed its operations. First, tourism took a hit, and other industries followed. Numerous jobs were lost, companies forced to shut down and growth plans changed to plans of survival. 

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People are curious to know what are the top Data Science companies in India during these unprecedented times. 

We could take a look at the failures and follow a pessimistic approach such as-

  1. Ambitious co-working startup with valuation rocketing every month, to take a quantum leap into an IPO declaration. Venture capitalists pull back the new investments.
  2. Hospitality creates excitement in the market. But in the current scenario had to lay off thousands of employees to stay afloat.
  3. The world’s oldest Airline filing for bankruptcy amidst COVID 19.
  4. Real estate is already in turmoil and COVID-19.
  5. No offices are functioning, no government has any clue of what the future holds.
  6. The automobile industry was in distress, and COVID-19 has given a further punch by ensuring zero sales in April.

Or, we could look at the optimistic side of things. 

The question at hand remains the same. Which top Data Science companies in India will hire us? 

“There is no better teacher than history in determining the future. There are answers worth billions of dollars in a 30$ history book.” 

― Charles T. Munger

It may be difficult to quantify the business opportunities, however, some industries are currently hiring, they are as follows. 

Public Health  

While most of us have been quite critical of healthcare and other common public facilities, be it the government or private sector. 

  • Government hospitals
  • Government spend on healthcare 
    • Infrastructure facilities
    • Provision of medicines 
    • Provision of medical essentials (PPE kits, masks, etc.)
    • Sanitation & cleanliness
  • Cleanliness and sanitization of common public areas
    • Vegetable and fruit markets
    • Bus stands
    • Railways stations, etc.

The government is keeping watch and trying to ensure safety. While keeping an eye on public health, technology is at an advantage and thus, “AAROGYA SETU” comes into the picture. 

This app will collect the data of all the Indians and will geofence the device based on the proximity to COVID positive patients.

Imagine the kind of real-time data used to provide information every second to every user who downloads the app. 

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New app development

New apps are being developed around the globe to collect real-time data on various aspects.

  • Number of patients
  • Government tracking various contaminated zones
  • Tracking Quarantine patients
  • Facial recognition to identify the difference between patient and non-patient

This is an opportunity for mobile app developers, as well as Data Scientists. They can help in converting raw data into useful insights. 

Pharmaceutical & Healthcare sector

COVID 19 has created chaos in the world. At present, the entire healthcare and pharmaceutical sector is on its toes, working day and night-

  • Taking care of patients
  • Preparation for new vaccine
  • R&D department is looking for solutions
  • Collecting various data points
  • Speeding up the clinical trial etc

Data Scientists will remain one of the core members in these organizations, as they are the number churners and will create models, which will help us conclude-

  • How a medicine reacts to different people
  • Finding insightful patterns of data

All companies are working towards providing valuable insights. 

data scientist jobs

Telecom Industry

One of the largest consumer-driven organizations which has seen a massive rise in the user base is the telecom industry.

The focus of the telecom industry has completely changed from Voice services to data services. The average consumption of data per person, which was earlier in MBs has risen to multiple TB.

Companies are no longer servicing business consumers for data centers, calling services, leased lines, but are changing their focus from business to consumer and thus, increasing their base. Companies want to know their customers, their buying pattern, their preferences, likes, and dislikes. Consumerism has taken its well-deserved place.

To quote JIO, it has not only raised the bar in terms of average data usage per connection but also the average cost being paid for voice service.

Using customer data, they can design a customized data pack. JIO TV is another arena where JIO wishes to enter and deliver boutique services to the consumer.

The Telecom industry wants to know when and how a current consumer will leave. This helps in the competition plan for their next move.

Data scientists will play a pivotal role in the telecom industry going further. In the current COVID 19 situation, the WFH (Work From Home) data usage has been peaking every week.

The Telecom industry is one of the most competitive and relevant leaders as they require real-time insight into the data to stay afloat.


Although the current COVID 19 may have overshadowed the business world and created doubts in the minds of people of an uncertain future, E-commerce will grow tremendously.  Intermittent lay-offs have created an environment of uncertainty, however, Data analysts will always remain at the core of this industry, as this industry thrives on real-time insights. E-commerce has been creating new avenues of sales such as the Big billion sale, or Black Friday, etc. This has been possible because of the Data Scientists, who gave an insight into the millions of records collected over the years and thus offering fitting solutions.

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Online Education

COVID 19 has given a huge push towards online learning platforms, be it professionals or educational professionals an alternative way to teach. 

  • Online Guitar classes using video platforms like zoom
  • Schools taking online classes
  • Online Tuitions 

All these platforms need to churn the data to understand the valuable outcomes, so that company can realign strategies.

Online Gaming

Although Online gaming is nothing new to the world, it has seen a hike in sales. Many users have moved to gaming portals.

People have started spending time playing with their friends and acquaintances on these platforms. Companies would like to know if consumers want to play games, which games are working well, and more.

Automotive industry

It might sound contradictory to my earlier statement that the automobile industry is laying off its employees and less number of vehicles being sold. However, if we look at the opportunistic side of the same, we realize there is a quantum shift of strategies of companies moving into the automobile segment.

Tesla, Tata, Hyundai, Google, Apple, Sony, Kia Motors, Honda are moving towards making a hybrid or electric car that is fuel-efficient and environment friendly.

Every new shift in the industry gives birth to complementary, new opportunities. Electric cars have already given a boost to solar-powered batteries that can last for days, batteries charging to 80% within 20 minutes, charging stations, etc. Every industry now thrives on data. Data Science has a bright future and has lots in store. Right from data analysis to prediction analytics, Data analyst and Data Scientist jobs will be the focal point for every industry once the world overcomes COVID 19, and the recession.

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