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    Cyber Trends

    Cybersecurity trends are likely to shape the cybersecurity landscape in 2020. Let’s know the Trends of Cybersecurity.


    Introduction to COBIT Framework

    Globally, all the IT Business Process Managers are using COBIT to equip them with a model that can deliver additional value to their organisation and help in better risk management. The COBIT...
    what is penetration testing

    What is Penetration Testing?

    Penetration testing is also generally referred to as a pen test (or ethical hacking). With an increase in sophistication, white hat testers are also increasing to ensure that computer systems remain secure...
    Information Security Analyst

    How to Become an Information Security Analyst

    Data is the core of businesses. Since the use of the internet has become widely common, smaller organisations are also looking for cloud computing solutions and access to sophisticated data to solve...

    Top 10 Movies on Cyber Security

    Computer Security—as a term—can often sound daunting. As if it is referring to serious work. While it is true that people trained in computer and Cyber Security have to be extremely meticulous...

    SolarWinds Attack – Everything you need to know about

    A recent cyberattack known as the SolarWinds cyberattack has taken the world by storm. In December 2020, the SolarWinds cyberattack affected the US Government and had left a massive impact on cybersecurity....