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In this week’s guide, let us take a look at how data analytics and cloud computing are being used in the world-famous sporting event- Tour de France. We will also look at the funding given by Google to various organisations around the world. 

NTT taps into data analytics and cloud for Tour de France

The poor weather conditions on the opening day of the Tour de France caused the technology supplier of the world’s most-watched sporting event and the sponsor for the NTT Cycling Pro Team a lot of problems. Distorted GPS data was being transmitted from the race bikes due to these unavoidable weather conditions. Because of multiple crashes along the way, replacement bikes which did not have sensors had to be used. The analytics team had to perform a lot of data cleansing activities. Just as other modern sports, there is a ton of data that is generated through these races that can be used to manage races in a better manner. 

The NTT has integrated machine learning models that can help in forecasting performance and other such factors. Docker containers, code-based automation and real-time analytics are also being incorporated into the models this year.

Google Gives $8.5M to Fund COVID-19 Data Analytics and AI Projects

Google is all set to give $8.5M funding to 31 organisations around the world that are using AI and Analytics to better respond to COVID-19. These organisations include universities, nonprofits, and other academic institutions. 

“Understanding the spread of COVID-19 is critical to informing public health decisions and lessening its impact on communities,” said Mollie Javerbaum, who is the program manager of This grant by Google is also said to help improve health equity and reduce additional effects caused by the global pandemic.  

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