Data Science and Analytics have grown to be one of the most widely used technologies in recent times. Newer advancements are taking place regularly. In this week’s guide, let us take a look at thirty-one data science and analytics predictions for the year 2021, given by twenty-four experts. We will also read about the increasing effectiveness of data analytics in a business. 

31 Data Science and Analytics Predictions from 24 Experts for 2021

For the second annual solutions review known as #BIInsightJam, solutions review called the industry’s best experts to share their insights and predictions for the upcoming year. All of the experts who have been featured here are people who represent top solution providers within the data science industry. Out of the dozens of predictions received, these have been selected based on relevance and whether they will add business value, whether they can be actionable, and how they will impact various vertices, organisations. Balaji Ganesan, who is the co-founder and CEO of Privacera, feels that Data scientists will be able to uncover the next best decision. According to Carol McNerney, the Chief Marketing Officer at ibi, your business success or struggle will depend on data accessibility. 

Increasing Effectiveness of Data Analytics in a Business 

The process of examining datasets to help us find trends and to draw conclusions based on the information they contain is known as data analytics. Data analytics helps a business in several ways. Improving operational efficiency, optimising marketing campaigns, increasing revenue, and also giving a competitive advantage over competitors are a few of ways that data analytics can help a business. One of the main goals of data analytics is to stimulate business performance. The data that is being collected and analysed can either be historical or real-time data depending on the specific application. And data can be a combination of internal and external sources as well.

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