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The application of data science and data analytics has shown significant growth over the past decade. From the healthcare professionals to the government, everyone has understood the importance of implementing data science in their work. In this week’s guide on data science, let us look at how Accenture has made use of data science for pediatric Leukemia research and more.

Accenture Puts Data Science To Work For Pediatric Leukemia Research

Accenture has recently announced that it has built an analytics approach that can help in managing and deriving insights from AML or pediatric acute myeloid leukaemia genomic data. They have worked in collaboration with researchers from the Fred Hutch and the Target Pediatric AML groups. This new approach aims to enable pediatric oncology researchers and physicians who are focused on pediatric AML to analyse patients in a better manner and improve their precision. 

Tools such as Alteryx and Python and libraries like sci-kit-learn are applied to the corpus of information, thus enabling Accenture to create a code-based model. The model predicts how patients may respond to a certain treatment. VR experiences and 3D visualisations are offering a more interactive way of using the available data.

Delhi officials to get data analytics training for better planning

The Delhi Government has suggested that the planning department will be receiving training on advanced methods of data analytics, such as data visualisation and data validation to help them come up with effective and robust policies. This will help in better implementations of government schemes. The program will be helpful when the officials are working with graphical analysis for data representation and to evaluate public welfare schemes. Participants will also be trained in descriptive analysis.

For more such weekly guides, watch this space. Head to the Great Learning Academy for free courses on Data Science and Analytics. 



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