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Several students have lost their Data Science internship opportunities and have had their offer letters revoked amid the global pandemic. With the rise in the use of online platforms, working from home is the new normal. Most businesses have asked their employees to work from home and are starting to hire interns as well. Here are the recent advancements in the world of Data Science and Analytics over the past week.  

Top 10 Data Science Internships during COVID-19

Internships are a great way to kick start your career in any field. If you’re a fresher or are looking to make a career transition, taking up an internship will add value to your resume. As Data Science is a highly competitive field, its best to continue learning on an everyday basis. Taking up a Data Science internship during this period of lockdown may offer you a different learning experience while trying to navigate the downturn. You will be able to take this up as a challenge and gain insights on approaching a crisis in the right direction. Amazon, GreenTech, and SixSense are few hiring companies among others featured in the list. 

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How to write a resume for your Data Science career

A great resume is one of the first steps in ensuring that you land your dream job. It is often the first step in the hiring process. As you endeavor to this challenging field, ensuring you have a polished Data Science resume will earn you some brownie points for sure. One thing you should remember is to keep it short and concise, choose a template. The visual appeal for your resume is quite important as it gives the recruiter a first impression of you. Organize and prioritize your data, add contact information, and don’t forget to link your LinkedIn profile. 

Top Data Science Salaries in May 2020

Due to the coronavirus, we are in a situation wherein working from home has become the new normal. On a more positive note, tech jobs are blooming for May. Data Science roles are one of the many roles that can be done from home and thus, numerous top companies are looking to hire new talent. Amid a time of crisis, working in a field of your interest may help you stay positive and get through the difficult times. The list of salaries features top companies such as Apple and Honeywell. 

Cloudera’s MLOps platform brings governance and management to data science pipelines

A new Machine Learning-specific operations feature has been added to Cloudera’s Data Science Platform today. It has taken a big step by introducing new features and models for Data Science pipelines. To ensure that Machine Learning models are interpretable, CML offers a built-in functionality. This helps in generating SHAP and LIME-based models and prediction explanations as well.

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