Data science enthusiasts are always looking for new developments and advances made in the field. With that in mind, we try to bring you data science news that showcase the most relevant trends for data science professionals. This week we have curated articles that talk about the learning resources, popular skills, job requisites, entrepreneurial ventures and more.  Read along.
10 Great Python Resources for Aspiring Data Scientists
Data scientists are often required to know more than one programming language. However, in most cases, Python is a language of choice for many. Since Python is extremely versatile, a thorough knowledge of this language helps data scientists in a number of tasks – hence its popularity. These Python resources are a great way of learning the language, especially if you are getting started in the field.
How to maintain your big data analytics software
When a company buys or subscribes to an analytics solution, keeping the work current can be a challenge. But maintaining that software is key to helping it enjoy a long, useful life. However, there are several challenges in the way to that. This article breaks down the essentials of analytics maintenance softwares so that companies can easily keep using those for a long period of time.
Why the newly minted data scientist wants a new job
Data science is one of the hottest jobs of the 21st century and professionals walking into this field often don’t require a strong background in technology. However, candidates picking up data science skills frequently face a mismatch of job expectations and reality. A large number of data scientists are looking for new jobs since they feel they are stuck with a job that does not utilise their skillset correctly.
Skills A Data Scientist Must Have To Land A Job: AIM Skills Study 2019
In a recently published report, AIM showcases the top skills required for a career in data science. Since data science is an evolving field, the trending subset of skills and tools keep changing every year. These skill sets mentioned in this article are the most relevant ones of 2019 and the upcoming years. Python has emerged as a majorly preferred programming language, while GPU hardware and CUDA knowledge have become essential to work with huge sets of data. 
Top 6 Priorities Data Science Startup Founders Shouldn’t Ignore
As an increasing number of data science experts opt for entrepreneurial ventures, startup companies flourish all over the country. Data science entrepreneurship requires a lot of patience, perseverance and above all, knowledge of the latest trends of the domain. This article lists a number of data science priorities that professionals should not ignore in order to achieve success. 
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