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The world has been forced to move to a digital platform due to COVID-19. While local grocery shops have been asked to close down, they have seen a dip in customers and profits. Can Data Science improve these conditions and allow technology to help boost food technology in a post-pandemic world? Learn about the latest advances in the world of data science and analytics over the past week.

IoT and data science will boost food tech in the post-pandemic era

The use of e-grocery services has skyrocketed due to COVID-19. While in-store safety guidelines may ease up eventually, the number of people visiting stores may still be less in the foreseeable future. A new variety of food technology can help brick-and-mortar companies to continue working well. 

There are three must-follows for grocery stores in the post-pandemic world; rely on data, rely on biology, and rely on hardware. E-grocery stores are working on automating and optimising their operations and their inventory planning mechanisms as well. Leveraging their existing customers, business, and external data for valuable information and insights is important. 

StreetLight Data raises $15 million to bring big data analytics to city transport

Big Data Platform, StreetLight Data has helped various cities unlock mobility insights from location data. It has raised $15 million to bring big data analytics to city transportation. This raise has been made possible due to the social distancing rules enforced by the government in several cities. 

The platform makes use of Machine Learning algorithms to figure out how people travel, where they travel, which days of the week are the busiest, and more. This allows cities to plan their urban projects in a better manner. Numerous public institutions and educational institutions have turned to StreetLight during the pandemic to come up with COVID-19-specific projects. They are looking for better transportation management services during the pandemic, and to draw inferences between increased traffic following lockdown. 

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