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Data Science is the study of data. It help us to developing methods of storing and analyzing data to useful information.

Data Science trends to follow in 2020; Is Automation of tasks the future? –...

Data Science has emerged to be one of the hottest trends in recent years. It has paved its way into several industries be it healthcare, gaming, or others. If you want to...
web scraping using python

Web scraping using Python

Introduction to web scraping Web scraping is defined as the process of finding web documents and extracting usable information from it. Web scraping is different from web crawling. Web...
Genetic Algorithm

Introduction to Genetic Algorithm in Artificial Intelligence with Examples

Contributed by: Shreya Shetty LinkedIn Profile: https://www.linkedin.com/in/shreya-shetty-9a070792/ Have you ever wondered how certain theories greatly inspire a particular invention? The same goes with Genetic Algorithms. All of...
data science

Public Data: A Data Scientist’s dream

We’ve all heard how data science will transform (if it hasn’t already) the business landscape, touching everything from our supermarkets to our hospitals and our airlines to our credit cards. Most companies in the...
Career mentoring session at great learning, PGP-DSE alumnus : Soumya

Career Mentors helped in Interview Preparation- Soumya, PGP-DSE.

Where there is a will, there is a way. Read on to find out as Soumya, our PGP-DSE alumnus, tells us how being focussed and persistent helped her to transition into a data-oriented role,...