Yes, data science is a good career choice for women!
Did you know women by nature are excellent contrarian thinkers? And one goal of data science is to dig for unknown truths in a variety of data sources that add value to an organisation. The best data scientists are always in a mode to challenge existing assumptions and think differently. They are inquisitive, exploring, come up with plethora of questions, and never leave an opportunity to question existing theories and processes.
Women are great communicators – The competence to effectively communicate data results with decision makers is pre-eminent. While all data analysts have some common grounding in computer science, math, data analytics, statistics and business acumen, the major skill that differentiates a good data scientist is critical contrarian approach and analytical thinking along with the ability to communicate effectively for informed decision-making.
Women are great team players – Data science is a team sport where effective communication and team-work skills are highly important for excellent performing data science teams. And data scientists are a part of a bigger team in any organisation, which includes mid management, business and IT leaders.
Well, the best data scientists need not possess the strongest technical skills. Rather, they are great team players: professionals who love to juggle with data, get into insights and unveil truths that very few others know. Most importantly, they master strong, effective communication to assist leaders – and all members of an organisation – implement data science and analytics inferences to critical business issues.

A shortage of Talent
While more and more applications are coming up for data science, there is still serious shortage of professionals – particularly women – across the globe. Accenture survey says, ‘nearly 80% of the data scientist jobs were created between year 2012 and 2011’ still has no one to grab for, and the problem is only getting worse each day.
We certainly need smarter, analytical and driven individuals to join analytics domain. Women certainly hold a bright opportunity to make a difference in analytic industry and should capitalise on this opportunity. If this sounds interesting, check out Data sciences courses offered by one of India’s premier institutes.


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