Amidst the global pandemic that we are currently facing, Data Scientists are actively doing their best to come up with solutions that can help flatten the curve. They are using the data available to calculate the true scale of the coronavirus outbreak and learning ways to effectively continue networking while working from home. Here are the latest advancements in the world of Data and Analytics that have taken place over the past week. 

How Data Scientists are helping to flatten the pandemic curve 

Data Scientists play an important role in fighting the global pandemic that we are currently facing. Medical professionals are working on the front lines by providing care to the patients. Similarly, Data Scientists are responsible for keeping everyone informed by disseminating crucial insights from the data collected. CDC (Center for Disease Control) suggests that we slow down the rate of infection by “flattening the curve” so that health care systems can handle the load of increase in patients around the world. The Data available is being illustrated in the form of graphs that are made available to the public to understand the extent of the issue we are currently facing.

Hidden Data is revealing the true scale of the coronavirus outbreak

Information on people’s movements and whether social distancing is working is available in abundance. Making use of this data can be very helpful in estimating the true scale of the coronavirus outbreak. Monitoring China’s internet showed us how the industrial plants were one of the worst-affected regions during the outbreak. Financial institutions and various other businesses are turning to companies that specialise in analyzing alternative data sources to understand how countries are dealing with the emergency. Data from vessel transponders and satellite images are being combined to check how many oil tankers are unable to deliver their cargo. Data also suggests that pollution levels are dropping. 

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Why it’s time for Business Leaders and Data Scientists to come together 

Data is growing at an unprecedented rate in today’s world. It will continue to rise and businesses will leverage more smart technologies. Processing this data requires massive computing power. We must also know how to use these insights. Data-driven decision-making calls for business leaders and Data Scientists to come together. A Data Scientist is capable of building models that allow us to enhance customer satisfaction and improve customer retention rates. 

How Data Scientists can effectively network while working from home

COVID-19 has impacted our daily lives to a great extent. It has disrupted industries around the world, causing a major setback. Since all the major conferences and networking meetups are being postponed or canceled, it reduces the chances of networking and coming up with new ideas. However, Data Scientists must remain highly active in the community. They are now looking for various efficient ways to network from the comfort of their homes. Twitter, blogging, and Reddit are some of the efficient methods of networking. 

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