Data Science has time and again proved how important it is. In this week’s guide, we will deep dive into the power of data analytics and AI for quick-service restaurants. We will also take a look at the top data science companies to work for in 2020. 

Deep Dive: The power of Data Analytics and AI for QSRs In a Complex Ordering Environment 

Utilizing the digital information available to us is key to any businesses success. Data Analytics and AI are powerful tools that can help us harness the digital information. Quick Service Restaurants or QSRs are making use of these tools to increase the speed of their operations, boost sales, and more. However, several big-players such as McDonald’s have been reluctant to use AI and Data Analytics in their operations until they noticed how their competitors are benefitting from these tools. This enabled them to make changes such as digital menus that showed a 3% increase in sales in Canada. 

QSRs are aware of the need for seamless functioning to prevent fraud. AIML tools and predictive analytics can help them achieve their goals.  

Top Data Science Companies to work for in 2020

Data Science is a broad term that includes several domains such as Analytics, Big Data, Machine Learning and more. The introduction of these domains has changed the way businesses look at data and insights. Continued advancements in these domains have forced businesses to integrate the tools and technologies in their day-to-day functioning. Over time, the demand for individuals with data science skills has increased immensely. Hiring companies prefer individuals with data science skills. Currently, there are over 93,500 Data Science Jobs available in India. Some of the top companies to work for are MuSigma, Fractal Analytics, Accenture, Genpact. 

For more such success stories, watch this space. To learn more about Data Science and its related technologies, join Great Learning Academy’s Free Online Courses today. 



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