Essential Tools for DevOps Professionals

DevOps is an emerging professional movement in the IT industry which facilitates a collaborative work relationship between the software development and the IT operations teams. Implementing it is very beneficial to companies that have...
Jenkins Tutorial

Jenkins Tutorial | What is Jenkins, how to setup a Jenkins Pipeline?

IntroductionWhat is DevOps?Continuous Integration OverviewWhat is Jenkins?Jenkins HistoryJenkins Installation & SetupJenkins ArchitectureJenkins Master/Slave SetupWhat is a CI/CD Pipeline?How to setup a Jenkins Pipeline? Introduction to Jenkins
devops interview questions

Top DevOps Interview Questions and Answers 2021

Hi! Are you ready for the interview? Not feeling confident enough though? It’s okay to feel this way, it’s pretty normal and most people feel this way before an upcoming interview. Just...
docker tutorial

Docker Tutorial | What is Docker?

Introduction to DockerWhat is Docker?Issues we faced before Docker & Containers were a thingWhat is a Container?Containers vs VMWhy do we need Containers?Docker Installation & SetupDocker EnvironmentDocker Architecture Docker Common CommandsDocker...
DevOps Engineer Resume

How to create a DevOps Engineer Resume – Complete Guide

The role of a DevOps Engineer requires broad skills and just like developing these skills, building a resume is a bit of a challenge. But we are here to help you with...