How do you break into a cloud computing career?

    Cloud computing is cost-effective, agile and resource optimised - few of the many reasons why an increasing number of companies are opting for it. The widespread appeal of cloud computing creates a huge demand...
    Jenkins Tutorial

    Jenkins Tutorial | What is Jenkins, how to setup a Jenkins Pipeline?

    IntroductionWhat is DevOps?Continuous Integration OverviewWhat is Jenkins?Jenkins HistoryJenkins Installation & SetupJenkins ArchitectureJenkins Master/Slave SetupWhat is a CI/CD Pipeline?How to setup a Jenkins Pipeline? Introduction to Jenkins

    Essential Tools for DevOps Professionals

    DevOps is an emerging professional movement in the IT industry which facilitates a collaborative work relationship between the software development and the IT operations teams. Implementing it is very beneficial to companies that have...
    docker tutorial

    Docker Tutorial | What is Docker?

    Introduction to DockerWhat is Docker?Issues we faced before Docker & Containers were a thingWhat is a Container?Containers vs VMWhy do we need Containers?Docker Installation & SetupDocker EnvironmentDocker Architecture Docker Common CommandsDocker...
    DevOps Engineer Resume

    How to create a DevOps Engineer Resume – Complete Guide

    The role of a DevOps Engineer requires broad skills and just like developing these skills, building a resume is a bit of a challenge. But we are here to help you with...