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In this week’s Artificial Intelligence digest, we have included two use-cases of Artificial Intelligence technologies in retail and traffic management. These applications are followed by news pieces scrutinizing the social impact of Artificial Intelligence. Also, a blog which focuses on the relationship between Artificial and Human Intelligence.

The Amazing Ways Retail Giant Zalando Is Using Artificial Intelligence

One of the ways Zalando uses technology to improve the user experience is through its Algorithmic Fashion Companion (AFC), a digital outfit recommendation tool that can generate outfit recommendations in real-time. The algorithm’s recommendations are based on products that the customer has put in their “wish list,” expressed interest in or purchased before. It’s not only a good user experience for the customer but drives business as well. Zalando reports that outfit recommendations drive 40 per cent larger basket sizes

Artificial intelligence-assisted traffic signals soon

All 387 traffic signals in Bengaluru will soon use artificial intelligence and regulate traffic more efficiently, according to Additional Commissioner of Police (Traffic) B R Ravikanthe Gowda.  Under the new system, cameras study the traffic density and decide on how much time to allow vehicles to clear a signal.

Artificial Intelligence Has A Gender Bias Problem – Just Ask Siri

In South Africa, Samsung now offers Bixby in various voices depending on which language you choose. For American English, there’s Julia, Stephanie, Lisa and John. The voices of Julia, Lisa and Stephanie are coquettish and eager. John is clever and straightforward. It is being increasingly acknowledged that AI systems are often biased, particularly along the lines of race and gender.

How AI Can Promote Social Good

Artificial intelligence has the potential to improve billions of people’s lives – but only if it creates and delivers value directly to those most in need. By harnessing these technologies for social good, today’s new breed of entrepreneurs can bring about lasting, transformational change. The ISeeChange platform, for example, combines natural language processing with user-generated data and sensor networks to give cities critical data to improve their climate resilience, infrastructure design, and even public safety. 

Artificial Intelligence and The Human Mind: When will they meet?

Human Intelligence is a quality of the mind that enables one to use knowledge — acquired from existence, abstract concepts, several cognitive processes, and more, to manipulate one’s environment. A machine that can, in some way ‘mimic’ this quality can make our lives much more simpler and efficient. This is where artificial intelligence comes into the picture. What is yet to see is how these two can come together to solve some of the biggest problems. 
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