how to become a marketing manager

In a competitive market, businesses can grow the most by effectively managing customer communication. This is achieved by capable marketing managers who understand the product, the message and the audience.

If you are interested in knowing how to become a Marketing Manager and engage with creating marketing strategies that help build brands and businesses achieve their goals, read on to learn more about it! 

Who are Marketing Managers? 

Marketing Managers are trained individuals, responsible for identifying and analysing the appropriate target audience for a particular brand. Further, they manage marketing techniques such as advertising, campaigning and selling the product to the clients in a targeted manner.  

Due to its dynamic nature, constantly evolving landscape and of course, the scope to make a comfortable living from it, Marketing Manager jobs are competitive and require a certain level of expertise. Employers prefer candidates who have received qualifications in the field from a reputed institution, have some work experience to vouch for their knowledge and passion for the profession.

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Marketing Managers have to be quick on their feet since no two days at the job are ever the same. The market is continuously evolving, as is consumer behaviour. Hence, in addition to theoretical knowledge of marketing and work experience, successful marketing managers also have to have interpersonal skills to make a long-lasting career out of it.

They should have creativity, flexibility, the ability to motivate their teammates and inspire a mindset of teamwork. Additionally, they should possess some analytical skills to determine market needs, be adept with a certain level of technological know-how and have a good sense of effective design. Finally, having strong communication skills and working well under pressure will always help take a marketing manager that extra mile.


Typically, people wishing to pursue a career as a Marketing Manager can switch to studying this field after graduation.

While some employers might accept candidates who have a Bachelor’s degree in Business, Marketing, Advertising, or Communications, the most reputed employers prefer candidates with an additional degree specialising in this field besides their marketing degree.

A very viable and increasingly popular option is to take a marketing course online from a reputed institution. It is especially advantageous for working individuals, who can balance their work and upskill their capabilities to become eligible marketing managers. Their work experience continues to add up while they specialise in the field – a classic example of two birds with one stone!

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Needless to say, the Marketing Manager is not an entry-level position. It is for those who have demonstrated that they are capable of leading a team of marketing professionals. Hence, the right education combined with good work experience in the field is indispensable to set yourself apart as someone who will succeed in this role.

Work experience could be an internship, balanced with taking a course in the field. After completing the program or alongside it [in case of an online course], you can begin to work lower-level marketing jobs such as Marketing Assistant, Sales Assistant or Advertising Assistant. It is the most effective way to get your hands dirty and understand the demands of the market and your team.

An effective Marketing Manager needs to be aware of exactly how the different members of their team can contribute to the task at hand, and there is no better way to understand that than starting from entry-level jobs yourself!


There is a diverse range of jobs available for Marketing Managers in various fields. They can choose the field to work in depending on their particular interests, prior expertise and skills.

Businesses such as beverage companies (think PepsiCo), e-learning (Great Learning), technology (Google), skincare (Neutrogena), sports (Nike) to high-end luxury brands, all require an effective marketing team lead by driven Marketing Managers. It all depends on who has that passion which will help their company achieve new targets.


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