Over the last few months, the world was taken aback due to COVID-19. Several businesses had to shut down, and schools and colleges were forced to move their functions online. But amidst all this chaos, data scientists are still in demand. More so than ever before. In this week’s guide, we will talk about the job openings available in the field of Data Science, and how MasterCard is leveraging big data analytics for a post-COVID world of business. 

India has many data science job openings despite COVID-19 

The demand for data science jobs in India has continued to be consistent with time. As of August, there were 93,500 data science jobs vacant despite the global pandemic. Out of the total global analytical job openings, 9.8% of them were contributed by India. There is a need to learn, unlearn and reskill for you to stay ahead of the curve and ensure that you rise in your career. A larger number of jobs have been outsourced to Indian firms during the last few months because of the COVID-19 situation. Bangalore has created the highest number of job openings at 23%, followed by Delhi at 20%. The job proportions that are being advertised to Tier-II and Tier-III cities are growing. Thus, showing an increase from 8.4% to 10.5% as of August.

Mastercard leveraging big data analytics for business post COVID-19

Mastercard’s Senior VP & Head of Data and Service Center of Excellence, Rajesh Chopra, has revealed that his company has been working closely with several banks, businesses, and governments by providing them insight-driven tools, and timely snapshots of economic performance. This will help them make an informed decision that can be critical to long-term success. Several new-age technologies, such as big data analytics and artificial intelligence, are enhancing our ability to provide better solutions. 

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