Planning Assessments

Assessments are of course important from a regulatory compliance and assurance of learning perspective. However, when teaching remote students, assessments can be used as an important tool for learner tracking and for...
structured learning

Using A Structured Learning Environment

In order to deliver a successful online course, the whole delivery has to be very well structured and visible. That is how students know what they need to do next. Without a...
online course

Planning and Delivering Your First Online Course

Many faculty members stop from jumping in because of the upfront technology challenge. This might be you as well. The Good News is that you don't have to start with understanding all...
higher education

Preparing For A Transformation In Higher Education

In a matter of weeks the world has changed and coronavirus (COVID-19) has dictated how education is delivered around the world. Colleges and universities had to shut down in the interest of...
teach online

How to Teach Online Effectively

A Guide to using technology to impart high-quality learning experience online Most teachers worldwide have been forced to adopt online teaching overnight but teaching online effectively is...