As we leave the previous year behind and step into 2021, we hope for the technological world to continue showing advancements. If you are working in the field of data analytics and data science, it is important to know what lies ahead and make sure that you are prepared for the upcoming trends. Through this weekly guide, you can understand more about the top predictions in the field of data science and analytics and look at the top trends that we must keep in mind in 2021. 

Trends Data Analytics Professionals Should Pay Attention To In 2021

It’s that time of the year when we move into 2021 and look for the trends that must be kept in mind as data analytics professionals. Ensuring that you keep up with the trends will help you stay ahead of the competition and perform better in your career. Some of the trends that an analytics professional must look out for include, OpenAI, optimized big data storage layers, and data exchanges. Although you may have heard of concepts such as OpenAI in the past as well, these technologies are constantly evolving and are said to reach their full potential in this year. 

Predictions for a new year in data, analytics and AI

With the unprecedented year coming to an end, close to thirty companies have submitted their predictions regarding the future of data analytics and AI. Some of the top companies who have submitted their predictions are databricks, SAS, snowflake, Deloitte AI institute, Cloudera, and so much more. Some of the popular topics that have been discussed include the democratization of artificial intelligence, data warehouse vs data lake, the convergence of AI and business intelligence, the data governance imperative, responsible AI and more. 

For more such weekly guides, watch this space. If you wish to learn more about Data Science and Analytics, check out Great Learning Academy’s free online courses and upskill today. 



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