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Coronavirus AI

Global AI Initiatives to Fight the Deadly Coronavirus

Statistics10 Ways:Identification of OutbreakDiagnosis of the VirusProcessing Healthcare ClaimsDrones for DeliveryTask Performing RobotsDevelopment of DrugsEveryday WearIdentification of infectedChatbots for AwarenessSupercomputers for Vaccines Coronavirus (COVID-19) Infected Persons and Deaths...
AI weekly

Gender Biases in AI – Weekly guide

This week’s Artificial Intelligence guide deals with its applications in central banking, medicare robots and more! Gender Biases in AI While the first-ever algorithm was written...

AI Mannequins Fight City Crimes – Weekly Guide

This week’s Artificial Intelligence (AI) guide discusses its potential to develop supercharge batteries, antibiotics, and much more.   AI Used to Develop Supercharge Batteries  Stanford has developed...
ai weekly

Artificial Intelligence Weekly Guide – February Part III

The advancements in Artificial Intelligence continue to increase every day. This week’s guide discusses its developments in the music industry, cybersecurity, classrooms, and much more.  AI Steps into the...