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AI in Recruitment post Pandemic- Weekly Guide

The Coronavirus has created a chain reaction of activities that has increasingly impacted the economic stabilities worldwide, due to which the market is continuing to see massive growth in the unemployment numbers....
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Artificial Intelligence Spots Car Buyers – Weekly guide

From battling the Coronavirus to spotting potential car buyers, Artificial Intelligence is surprising the world every day.  AI Enhances Radiology AI in Radiology has emerged...
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AI Diagnoses Life Threatening Diseases – Weekly Guide

Considering the Artificial Intelligence technology is capable of executing thousands of calculations at once - every existing sector today is benefiting from it in different forms from AI. China...

AI Detects Catfishing on Tinder – Weekly Guide

Artificial intelligence, as a domain has established its credibility to an extent where companies are now looking at ways to enhance their workforce to align with machine capabilities. Have a look at...
Artificial Intelligence weekly news

Your Weekly Guide to Artificial Intelligence – August Part IV – GL

Artificial Intelligence is marching forward at a quick pace and organizations have started reaping results and revenue from their AI initiatives. There’s no doubt that AI is here to stay, but with these advanced...