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Work from home best practices

How to Increase Productivity while Working from Home

This week, an increasing number of businesses are shifting to a remote work arrangement. While some of us are already acquainted with this setup, there’s a possibility that a huge number of...
course content

Course Content was comprehensive- Raja Dasgupta , PGP-AIML

When you want to add value to your job, the right way to do so is by upskilling. Read about how Raja was able to do so with the help of Great...
Speech Recognition

Speech Recognition in Python | What is Speech Recognition?

What is Speech Recognition?Speech Recognition ExamplesSpeech Recognition in Python What is Speech Recognition? Speech recognition is giving the computer the ability...

The course proved to be extremely beneficial for me – Rohith Sharma Khambhammettu, AIML

To continue being successful at work, it is important to upskill. Improving your knowledge about a particular topic is an advantage over your peers. Take a look at how Rohith Sharma Khambhammettu...

The Course was Extremely Insightful – Dr. Shrishail Sharad, AIML

Career changes can be challenging. However, with the right assistance, the process is definitely smoother. Here is how Dr. Shrishail Sharad benefited from Great Learning’s AIML Course. Tell us...