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    Web Services Interview Questions

    Top 82 Web Services Interview Questions and Answers

    A Web Service is a software that is available over the internet. Attending a web service interview can be quite intimidating. Hence, through the course of this blog, we bring to you...
    amazon use of big data

    Understanding Customers with Big Data – The Amazon Way

    What Exactly is Big Data and Why is it Important? Big data is a term that is used to describe large volumes of data - both in structured and...
    amazon web services

    Amazon Web Services (AWS): Benefits, Use Cases, Applications

    Amazon Web Services is known as the gold standard of Cloud Computing and it has reasons for it. In this article, we will explore this cloud service provider and in the process...
    cloud computing capstone project

    Setting up a hospitality business model on AWS

    A capstone project by Sajal Biswas and Shreya Sharma Use Case: Accommodation options in the travel industry are not limited to hotels and resorts. People often look for homestay options as this model benefits both the...

    AWS solution to build Real-time Data processing Application using Kinesis, Lambda, DynamoDB, S3

    A Capstone Project by Amit Bajaj and Sathya Guruprasad Introduction Cloud Computing has become very popular due to the multiple benefits it provides and is being adopted by businesses worldwide. Flexibility to scale up or down...