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    Great Learning Hackathon 2.0

    Great Learning Hackathon 2.0: What Made It a Roaring Success

    Great Learning is proud to announce its second successful run at Hackathons with its PGP-BABI students. The hackathon is a coveted opportunity that gives our students the perfect platform to put their learnings to...
    data science and data analytics

    Your Weekly Guide to Data Science and Analytics- November Part II

    Data Science and analytics have gained traction in organizations over the past few years and will continue to show growth in the coming years.  They have become a key part of how businesses serve...

    PGP BABI provided me an extra edge in the fiercely competitive market- Neeraj Khare,...

    With the ever changing market demands, there is a need to upskill your knowledge and be able to meet these demands as and when required. Neeraj Khare was able to achieve this and successfully...
    data science

    Your Weekly Guide to Data Science and Analytics – October Part III

    Data Science has a diverse set of applications and has emerged as one of the leading career paths in the recent times. The scope of data science has greatly increased and various new courses...

    AWS solution to build Real-time Data processing Application using Kinesis, Lambda, DynamoDB, S3

    A Capstone Project by Amit Bajaj and Sathya Guruprasad Introduction Cloud Computing has become very popular due to the multiple benefits it provides and is being adopted by businesses worldwide. Flexibility to scale up or down...