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    data science and analytics weekly digest - Sep. 3

    Your weekly Guide to Data Science and Analytics – September Part I- GL

    Data Science and Analytics are being applied across industries, varying in their scope and magnitude based on the purpose of the application. Even as we witness these technologies solving bigger problems, there are still...

    Keep Calm and Let the Business Analyst Handle it

    A Day in the Life of a Business Analyst Business Analytics has emerged as a much sought after skill set. Professionals with business analytics expertise can work in different analytical profiles in companies to help...
    Cricket World cup challenge and hackathon

    Developing industry-relevant skills through Experiential Learning

    At Great Learning, we believe in imparting a holistic education experience through exposure to real-world problems, and a mentor-driven approach to solving them. We strive to provide a great learning experience to build capabilities...
    Best Data Science and Business Analytics Courses for working professionals in India

    Best Data Science and Business Analytics courses for Professionals

    The term analytics and data science have garnered a lofty prominence in the past decade mostly used interchangeably. As it stands strong today, business analytics is finding applications across functions ranging from marketing, customer...
    New Year resolution

    The only resolution you should be making in 2017

    Every New Year brings with it the hope of a new beginning in our lives and along with it, come the myriad of resolutions we make to ourselves. Research indicates that most of the...