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    movie ratings

    Learn more about the AI Tool that Rates Movies

    More often than not, individuals choose to check movie ratings before they watch a movie. These ratings are a big deal, and we see them at the end of every movie trailer...
    application areas of artificial intelligence

    Top Industries and Application areas of Artificial Intelligence in 2019

    2019 has been a year of drastic improvements in the field of Artificial Intelligence. It also witnessed a great deal of acceptance from the customers. 41% of the customers believe that AI...
    design thinking in artificial intelligence

    The Role of Design Thinking in Artificial Intelligence Applications

    Role of Design Thinking in AI Applicaitons Today, the world's top and emerging organisations are focusing on implementing Artificial Intelligence alike. In their enthusiastic attempt to include AI into...
    Business Applications of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

    Business Applications for Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

    Data is redefining the way we conduct business today. From determining how products should be designed to setting operational goals- data is driving business decisions across industries. Companies are now using multiple...