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harry potter

AI and literature: Read AI-generated Harry Potter fanfiction

The application of Artificial Intelligence has made its way into every field possible. From the healthcare industry to the entertainment sector, AI has proved to be one of the most widely used...

Top 10 Artificial Intelligence Trends in 2021

The adoption of Artificial Intelligence in different enterprises has grown due to the pandemic. In 2019, IDC had predicted that spending on AI technologies would increase to $97.9 billion by 2023. Since...
movie ratings

Learn more about the AI Tool that Rates Movies

More often than not, individuals choose to check movie ratings before they watch a movie. These ratings are a big deal, and we see them at the end of every movie trailer...

Top 15 Powerful AI Applications for E-Commerce in 2021

Unless you've been living under a rock for the last couple of years, you surely would have heard of Artificial Intelligence (AI). As it has begun...
field of artificial intelligence

How can Africa embrace an AI-driven future

Artificial Intelligence has grown to be one of the most widely used technologies today. The global economic returns of the fourth industrial revolution are expected to be close to $16 trillion. AI...