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How will AI and Machine Learning Affect Cyber Security?

The internet is increasingly becoming a part of our lives, growing every second. A new change takes place every day, rendering the prevailing system obsolete. Adjusting to this change is not always...
AI in the gaming industry

How AI is Changing the Gaming Industry

From the software that controlled a Pong paddle or a Pac-Man ghost to the universe-constructing algorithms of the space exploration Elite, Artificial intelligence (AI) in gaming isn’t a recent innovation. It was...

A list of Artificial Intelligence tools for personal use

Over the years, there has been a lot of progress and development when it comes to artificial intelligence. Most of this progress has been geared towards the growth of businesses and industries....

Top 20 Artificial Intelligence Interview Questions for 2020

Whether it's a career that you are considering, or you want to move up the ladder from where you already are - in the AI domain, the future definitely is bright. There are numerous...
chained techniques in Artificial Intelligence

A Guide to Chaining Techniques in Artificial Intelligence

We have created Artificial Intelligence as a way to amplify human intelligence and promote growth like never before. AI can help us solve numerous problems of varying complexities. One...