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The course structure was great- Pathi Mohan, PGP AIML

After working in the industry for numerous years, you realise that upskilling is important to advance in your career. Here’s why Pathi Mohan decided to upskill with Great Learning’s PGP AIML Course. 

Course Structure is fantastic- Mohideen Bava H M, PGP- ML

Mohideen Bava says that he was able to transition to the Analytics domain as a Program Manager from an Infrastructure background, thanks to the Great Learning Team. Read further to know about...
Coronavirus AI

10 Ways How AI (Artificial Intelligence) Fights the Deadly Coronavirus

Coronavirus (COVID-19) Infected Persons and Deaths Count The mysterious Coronavirus (COVID-19) is not an unknown subject anymore; with it spreading at an alarming rate, there have been over...
Pattern Recognition in Machine Learning

Pattern Recognition and Machine Learning: An Introduction

Pattern Recognition and Machine Learning (ML) Patterns are everywhere. It belongs to every aspect of our daily lives. Starting from the design and colour of our clothes to using intelligent voice assistants, everything involves some...
AI Pandemic

Will AI become a Necessity to Run Businesses during the Pandemic?

Before coronavirus had emerged, Burning Glass estimated that Artificial Intelligence associated jobs and roles would grow up to 40.1% over the next decade. If the COVID-19 crisis continues at this rate, this...