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    Artificial Intelligence Project Ideas

    7 Interesting Project Ideas in Artificial Intelligence For Beginners

    Learning Artificial Intelligence is not easy, but it is not difficult either. Once you get started with the right artificial intelligence courseware and work on a number of hands-on projects, your basics...
    Machine Learning Interview Questions

    What is Artificial General Intelligence?

    Humans have been dreaming of creating artificial intelligence for decades. But synthesizing intelligence only began in earnest in the late 1950s, when a dozen scientists attended two months of the workshop in...

    Building AI-first Product Workshop by UT Austin Faculty

    The advent of technology was done to make our lives easier and AI is no different. AI-based applications are being used in almost every field: Corporates, Medical Sciences, Banking & Financial Institutions,...

    Global Terrorism: A Machine Learning Approach to Predict the Perpetrator Group Using Incident Information...

    This is a project presented by Farzan Sajahan, Sendil A B & Akshaya Srivatsan, PGP DSBA students, in the AICTE Sponsored Online International Conference on Data Science, Machine learning and its applications (ICDML-2020). A...

    Google’s Loon Venture Balloons Surprise Creators – AI Weekly guide

    How Google's balloons surprised their creator Employees at Google spent many months honing an algorithm designed to steer an unmanned helium balloon all the way from Puerto Rico to...