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    big data certification

    Top Big Data Certifications in 2021

    Today’s organizations are looking for opportunities to pull out the information from massive volumes of data available to them, they are also involved in the collection and analysis of the information/data and...
    amazon use of big data

    Understanding Customers with Big Data – The Amazon Way

    What Exactly is Big Data and Why is it Important? Big data is a term that is used to describe large volumes of data - both in structured and...
    big data tools

    Top 7 Open-source Big Data tools in 2021

    Right from the moment as you begin your day till the time you hit your bed, you are basically dealing with data in some form or the other. Be it giving details...
    apache kafka

    Apache Kafka Use Cases, APIs and How Kafka Works?

    What is Kafka?Use casesKey componentsKafka APIsHow Kafka works?Real world examplesZookeeper - Install & get startedLive Demo - Getting Tweets in Real Time & pushing in a Kafka topic by Producer
    hadoop tutorial

    Apache Hadoop Tutorial |What is Apache Hadoop?

    Big data– Introduction Before we jump into our Hadoop Tutorial, lets understand Big Data. Will start with questions like What is Big data, Why big data, What big data...