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MBA in marketing

Top 7 Career Options after MBA in Marketing

Opting for an MBA in Marketing gives you several job opportunities in the marketing aspects of the business. You can work in areas such as brand marketing, sales, various marketing channels, product...
career objective

The Best Career Objectives in Freshers Resume

A career objective is primarily the pitch of your resume and mentions the goal and objective of your career. It is an important piece of information for the...

Regardless of COVID-19, Great Learning Provides an Ideal Platform for Transition

We spoke to Bharat this week to get an insight into his transition journey and if we've been able to provide him with the right kind of support during the pandemic for...

Starting your Career with Great Learning ensures a secure future- Shreekrishna Jadhav, PGP- DSE

While most freshers struggle while stepping into the job market, Shreekrishna Jadav was able to secure his future with the help of Great Learning’s PGP- Data Science and Engineering Course. Read further...
data engineering

Great Learning was the perfect choice for me- Vikram Simha, PGP DSE

Career changes can be challenging. However, with the right assistance, the process is definitely smoother. Here is how Vikram Simha benefited from Great Learning’s Data Science and Engineering Course.