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Career Crossroad

Are You at a Career Crossroad?

This past year has been difficult for many of us both personally and professionally. Many have felt that relying on the 9-5 job alone can prove to be risky. The job market...

5 Signs It Is Time For A Career Change

Finding a career that meets all your professional needs and more importantly makes you feel satisfied and happy takes time, effort, and a couple of career switches. In the course of their...
machine learning jobs for freshers

Top 10 Machine Learning Jobs for Freshers in 2021

Did you know that Machine Learning has grown to be one of the top emerging technologies in the world? Today, recruiters are looking to hire individuals with machine learning skills and knowledge...

Black History Month Scholarship

A #GLForGood Initiative to advance African American representation in the tech industry At Great Learning, our mission has always been to make high-quality learning...

Highest Paying IT Jobs in America for 2021

The technology and the IT sector have been synonymous with one another. Based on an article published in CompTIA, one of the IT industry's top trade associations, the International Data Corporation (IDC)...