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    new cv

    Top 5 ways to tell if you need a new CV

    As important as it is to upskill, it is equally important to update your CV in a timely manner. While we know that tailoring your CV to the job you are applying...
    Good Habits

    Nine Good Habits to Start Right Now

    We are all made of habits, the good and the bad ones! Our Habits define us and our path to achieve success and be where we wish to be. We form habits...

    Five jobs with excellent career progression

    IntroductionFive Jobs with excellent career progressionConclusion Introduction After completing formal education, many students consider diverse career opportunities worldwide. Although they are all aimed for different...
    Success Story Dustin Lee

    From chemical engineering to the field of machine learning – Dustin Lee, PGP AIML

    0 From chemical engineering to the field of machine learning, Dustin lee talks about his exciting journey, and Great Learning playing a pivotal role in it
    hard skills

    Hard Skills Vs Soft Skills

    Skills play a prominent role in our lives, and they drive us. The Performance, Efficiency, and Development in your Professional and Personal life are carved by the skills we develop and possess....