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Great Learning Helped Me Become Industry Ready- Sundar R N Rao, PGPCC

An online course gives you the flexibility to study at your own pace, follow Sundar R N Rao’s journey with Great Learning’s Cloud Computing Program.  Tell us about...
build your brand online

Empower yourself with BYBO (Build Your Brand Online)

Capstone Project - PG Program in Cloud Computing What does an online store need for brand positioning? Online presence of the business opens diverse channels for...

Top Cloud Computing Interview Questions that You Should Know

With 3.6 billion people actively using Cloud Services in 2018, Cloud Computing has become popular than ever before. In this article, we will discuss the top Cloud Computing interview questions.  With an unfathomable volume of...
cloud and devops

Intra Cloud DevOps using Azure Bot – Capstone Project

Problem Statement Organisations with multiple cloud platforms and On-premise environments have challenges in managing DevOps activities from a centralised application with an intuitive user interface. They had to rely...

Crime Data Analysis using Cloud and Big Data Services – Capstone Project

Objective of Crime Data Analysis As we are marching towards becoming a “developed country”, crimes are also increasing alarmingly. Hence as a part of this project, we have developed...