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cloud api

Manage Cloud APIs Wisely With These Four Tips

One of the most important aspects of cloud computing is to provide a relevant way of storing data. It provides a framework, infrastructure for data, and software. Also, it is used very...
cloud computing capstone project

Setting up a hospitality business model on AWS

A capstone project by Sajal Biswas and Shreya Sharma Use Case: Accommodation options in the travel industry are not limited to hotels and resorts. People often look for homestay options as this model benefits both the...
fleet management on AWS

Fleet Management System – An End-to-End Streaming Data Pipeline

PROBLEM STATEMENT:  Fleet operators often suffer business and monetary losses due to a lack of information on the health of their fleet and inventory it carries. This problem arises...
Cloud-based IoT solutions using AWS

A guide to building cloud-based IoT solutions in AWS

IoT has become quite the buzzword? The smart devices that talk to each other transmitting and collecting enormous amounts of data, surround us every day of our lives. A lot of work...
PG program in Cloud Computing - Payment Options

Flexible Payment Options for the PG Program in Cloud Computing (PGP-CC)

Great Learning’s PG program in Cloud Computing comes along with flexible, part-payment options so that money is not an obstacle in your path to learning. Here are the options: