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Underwater Data Center

Underwater Data Center: The Future Of Cloud Computing

As whacky the idea seems to be on the face of it, we have witnessed something truly groundbreaking in the world of cloud computing and data management with underwater data centers. 
cloud based application

How is a Cloud-based Application different from Traditional Computing?

At present, the IT industry has become one of the leading global business areas. Mostly the IT giants rule in this sector, and they make huge profits. However, many people are coming...
Cloud Computing Market

Unthinkable Trends to watch out for in the Cloud Computing Market in 2021

At present, we are going through an age of technological advancements. New technologies are transforming the work culture of different industries. Cloud computing technology has recently gained much importance in the global...
advantages and disadvantages of cloud computing

What are the Advantages and Disadvantages of Cloud Computing in BFSI?

As digitization has overpowered industries and common masses, the banking, finance, and insurance sectors have also decided to move to the cloud. Cloud Computing not only affects the way that a business...
future of cloud computing

Future of Cloud Computing | Upcoming Trends in the Industry

Hybrid/ Multi-Cloud SolutionsServerless Architecture Edge ComputingAutomationQuantum ComputingInternet of ThingsCloud in Education Future of Cloud Computing As you might know, Cloud Computing has grown immensely over the past...