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    cloud migration

    Best Practices to follow for a successful cloud migration

    Cloud Computing has become a booming industry in this growing technology era. It is making a significant impact on various IT sectors and businesses. The majority of organisations are looking for cloud...
    Benefits of cloud computing

    Benefits of Cloud Computing in the Telecom Industry

    Cloud Computing is gaining immense popularity for the last half a decade. It has made its impact on IT, Technology, and Business industries. This has led to a surge in global spend...
    cloud computing in retail business

    How is cloud Computing impacting the retail Sector?

     Cloud computing is known for sharing information through the internet and the worldwide web, performing all the operations of computing via the internet.  Managing, storing, and analyzing the data...
    Azure data factory

    What is Azure Data Factory | What is Data Factory in Azure?

    How does it Operate?Combine and Assemble in AzureRemodel and EnhanceCI/CD and DistributeMonitorTop-level TheoriesPipelineMapping Data FlowsActivityDatasetsLinked ServicesTriggersPipeline RunsParametersControl FlowVariables Cloud computing offers computing assistance—including servers, storage, databases, networking, software, analytics,...
    Microservices Architecture

    Microservice Architecture – Everything you need to know about in 2021

    We have been designing systems and applications for several years now and getting better at it day-by-day, but the tech world is all over microservices. Why? Because microservice is a service-oriented architecture...