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cloud based application

How is a cloud-based application different from traditional computing?

At present, the IT industry has become one of the leading global business areas. Mostly the IT giants rule in this sector, and they make huge profits. However, many people are coming...
CloudOps Engineer

What do I need to know to be a cloud ops engineer?

Author - Prashant Bharadwaj, Cloud Engineer at GreatLearning This is it; you have done your homework, followed the recommended best practices, listened to the experts, and now your entire...

Cloud-based Exam Evaluation System for Academia

Objective: We are seeing that in current COVID Pandemic all the educational institutions are moving to the digital world and conducting classes thru online media. Not all students are...
Feature - What Is Cloud Computing - Great Learning

What is Cloud Computing? How Does It Work?

Cloud Computing has gained immense popularity in last half a decade. It has made waves in the IT, Technology and Business worlds. This has led to surge in the global...
multi cloud

Benefits of the Rise of Multi-Cloud for IT Operations

Benefits of the rise of multi-cloud for IT operationsThe rise of multi-cloudChallenges of multi-cloud management and networksSolutions for Managing multi-cloudHow IT staff can handle a multi-cloud strategy Benefits...