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Benefits of the Rise of Multi-Cloud for IT Operations

Benefits of the rise of multi-cloud for IT operationsThe rise of multi-cloudChallenges of multi-cloud management and networksSolutions for Managing multi-cloudHow IT staff can handle a multi-cloud strategy Benefits...

Introduction to Virtualization in Cloud Computing types and benefits

IntroductionVirtualization as a concept Defining Virtualization in Cloud ComputingWhat are the types of virtualization in cloud computing? Virtualization in cloud computing and how it works?Why should virtualization be even considered? Benefits of Virtualization Cloud...
cloud and devops

Intra Cloud DevOps using Azure Bot – Capstone Project

Problem Statement Organisations with multiple cloud platforms and On-premise environments have challenges in managing DevOps activities from a centralised application with an intuitive user interface. They had to rely...
cloud strategy

How Can You Develop a Clearly Defined Cloud Strategy?

A cloud is nothing but a metaphor used for the Internet. Operating via the cloud means having data storage on the Internet instead of using physical computer hardware. Along with that, it...
Cloud-based IoT solutions using AWS

A Guide to building cloud-based IoT solutions in AWS

IoT has become quite the buzzword? The smart devices that talk to each other transmitting and collecting enormous amounts of data, surround us every day of our lives. A lot of work...