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COVID-19 economy

Hiring During and After the Pandemic

Effects of the Pandemic on Global Economy Deserted airports, closed campuses, unoccupied streets, people confined to their homes - this dystopia is sadly our reality now and its effect...
AI pandemic

Can AI Curb Fake News during the Pandemic?

Before coronavirus had emerged, Burning Glass estimated that Artificial Intelligence associated jobs and roles would grow up to 40.1% over the next decade. If the COVID-19 crisis continues at this rate, this...
Work from home best practices

An Expert’s Guide to Working from Home

This week, an increasing number of businesses are shifting to remote work arrangements. While some of us are already acquainted with this set up, there’s a possibility that a huge number of...
DeepMind AI

DeepMind Uses AI (Artificial Intelligence) to Tackle Coronavirus

As the novel Coronavirus spreads, research is becoming digital in order to attain fast, and promising solutions. In fact, Google’s sister company, DeepMind is currently using Artificial Intelligence (AI) to study and...