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    Hiring during the pandemic

    Top Industries Likely to Survive the Pandemic & Shape Hiring Trends Following Covid-19

    Effects of the Pandemic on Global economyIndustries Most Likely to Survive the PandemicHiring Trends in the Upcoming TimesUse Quaran 'Time' to Upskill Effects of the Pandemic on Global Economy
    AI cameras track social distancing

    Artificially Intelligent (AI) Cameras Track Social Distancing

    While each country is working its way around curbing the outbreak of the Coronavirus through quarantines, lock-downs, social distancing and more, technologies like Artificial Intelligence are becoming beyond useful to monitor and...
    Industries impacted by covid-19

    Industries most and least impacted by COVID-19: A Quick Look

    The impact of the ongoing COVID-19 crisis can be seen in the climbing infection rates and death tolls. In addition to this, the impact can also be felt on the economy, due...
    Work from home best practices

    How to Increase Productivity while Working from Home

    This week, an increasing number of businesses are shifting to a remote work arrangement. While some of us are already acquainted with this setup, there’s a possibility that a huge number of...
    Transfer learning

    Introduction to Transfer Learning | What is Transfer Learning in Deep Learning?

    What is Transfer Learning (TL)?How Transfer learning worksWhen to use Transfer Learning (TL)?Transfer learning in NLP(Natural Language Processing)Use TL to detect COVID-19 What is Transfer Learning?