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PUBG Data Analysis using Python | Player Unknown Battleground Data Analysis and how it...

Before starting with the PUBG data analysis, let’s understand why we need data science and how it is related to data science. What is Data Science?Why do we...
data scientist jobs

Top Industries and Data Science Companies in India- 2021

Contributed by: Gaurav Mehta LinkedIn profile: https://www.linkedin.com/in/gaurav-mehta-42bb9a8/ Top Data Science Companies in India and new Data Scientist jobs have come-up in organized and unorganized sectors over the years....
Data Analyst salary

Surprising Salary Trends of Data Analysts in India – 2021

Who is a Data Analyst- Job DescriptionHow to become a Data Analyst- Skills Required- Important tools usedTypes of Data AnalyticsA Day in the Life of a...
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Free Data Sets for Analytics/Data Science Project

Whether you are a beginner in the field of data science or an expert who has worked on the trending projects of the domain, clean and authentic datasets are extremely crucial for...
My Data Analyst Career

My successful Data Analyst Career

Great learning has been successfully transforming the lives of young professionals. One such individual is Vikas. Here is how Great Learning guided him to transform his career as a data analyst. What is your professional...