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    The placement team helped us to stay motivated throughout the process – Aashish Anil...

    We see many professionals getting disheartened by multiple rejections during the process of job search. But the few who do not get demotivated and look out for feedback and ways to improve themselves to...

    Launch pad for my Transition into Data Science: Bhavya

    As rightly said by our alumnus Bhavya Labishetty, “One of the most difficult things to do in life is to restart” A career transition can be a daunting experience, but not at Great Learning....
    data science and analytics weekly digest - Sep. 3

    Your weekly Guide to Data Science and Analytics – September Part I- GL

    Data Science and Analytics are being applied across industries, varying in their scope and magnitude based on the purpose of the application. Even as we witness these technologies solving bigger problems, there are still...
    Critical skills required for data scientist 

    Critical skill-sets to make or break a data scientist 

    Ever since data took over the corporate world, data scientists have been in demand. What further increases the attractiveness of this job is the shortage of skilled experts. Companies are willing to pour their...
    data science

    Public Data: A Data Scientist’s dream

    We’ve all heard how data science will transform (if it hasn’t already) the business landscape, touching everything from our supermarkets to our hospitals and our airlines to our credit cards. Most companies in the...