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    Industrial Experts to teach Data Science : Lavashesha

    Great Learning has been successfully transforming the lives of many who wish to have a career transition. Successful Career transition requires a safe launchpad. This Launchpad should have the ability to upgrade your skills...
    Data science news digest

    Your Essential Weekly Guide to Data Science- October II

    Data science is one of the fastest evolving domains today, with professionals striving to find practical solutions for the digital economy. Dubbed as the ‘sexiest job of the 21st century’, Data science garners a...
    data and analytics weekly round-up

    Data and Analytics Weekly Round-up: July 9, 2019

    Here are a few Data and Analytics updates from last week to keep you informed. 4 Challenges with Leveraging Analytics -- and How to Overcome Them To fully capitalize on the potential of modern analytics, enterprises...

    Regular Interviews scheduled by the Career Support team: Ramya, Analyst

    A career transition can be a daunting experience for many. But given the right direction, learning, and support, it is more like a cakewalk. That’s why here at Great Learning, we strive to provide...

    The Placement assistance was excellent-Debashis, Data Analyst.

    There lies a big challenge among engineering students to pick the right field of specialization and build a successful career within the same. Once you understand the core area of interest, upskilling in the...