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Great Learning ensured a successful career transition- Jebby John, PGP DSE

While making a shift in the career may seem like an uphill battle, the right guidance can prove to be extremely beneficial. Here’s how Jebby John, an Ex-Merchant Navy officer, made a...
Great Learning Success Story BY PGP-DSE Alumnus : Sai Ramya Machavarapu , Data Analyst at Mercedes Benz

Regular Interviews scheduled by the Career Support team: Ramya, Analyst

A career transition can be a daunting experience for many. But given the right direction, learning, and support, it is more like a cakewalk. That’s why here at Great Learning, we strive to provide...
Great Learning Success Story by PGP-DSE Alumnus : Debashis Gogoi , Data Analyst at Indegene

The Placement assistance was excellent-Debashis, Data Analyst.

There lies a big challenge among engineering students to pick the right field of specialization and build a successful career within the same. Once you understand the core area of interest, upskilling in the...
Great Leaning Success Story by PGP-DSE Alumnus : Yeknath Merwade , Data Analyst at Ugam

Great Learning helped me kick-start my career – Yekanth, Analyst

One needs career support the most when they are a fresh graduate. The right direction and support at the right time help multifold in shaping a successful career. What kind of support did Yeknath...
Great Learning Success Story by PGP-DSE Alumnus : Pushpendra Nathawat , Programmer Analyst at Cognizant

I got to Interview with 3 companies -Pushpendra,Programmer Analyst

Finance has evolved to position itself as an important business function. Given the nature of this domain, it overlaps with analytics in many areas. Finance professionals and executives are finding new ways to leverage...