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    Quality Education to Cope with Shortage of Data Science Talent

    As uses of technology continue to advance into new areas every day, we find ourselves living well within the age of big data. In fact, a 5000% growth was recorded in the...
    Data Science Company in Singapore

    Blazing the Trail: 8 Innovative Data Science Companies in Singapore

    Singapore's data ecosystem has grown considerably over the past few years.  And why not? This country has always been at the forefront of adopting new technologies and the case...
    covid 19

    Data – A Potential Solution To The COVID-19 Situation?

    Calling it a tidal wave of numbers, graphs, or data won’t be an overstatement in the current COVID-19 scenario. Petabytes of data running through the information expressway and almost every corporation scurrying...

    Expert tips and advice for aspiring Data Scientists – Weekly Guide February IV

    According to reports, the Data and Analytics industry in India is expected to reach $3.03 billion and double in size by 2025. Organisations are on the lookout to hire new talent. If...

    62% Increase in Data Science Job openings this year – Weekly Guide

    Finding new ways to optimise your marketing schemes and introducing newer HR practices can be done with the help of Data Science and Analytics. A recent study stated that there is a...