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Top 7 Data Science Tools that you should know

Contributed by: RamachandranLinkedIn Profile: https://www.linkedin.com/in/ramachandran-murugan-481010102/ In this article, we cover top Data Science tools which every Data Scientist should know in order to become a successful Data Scientist...
data scientist jobs

Top Industries and Data Science Companies in India- 2020

Contributed by: Gaurav Mehta LinkedIn profile: https://www.linkedin.com/in/gaurav-mehta-42bb9a8/ Top Data Science Companies in India and new Data Scientist jobs have come-up in organized and unorganized sectors over the years....
21 open source python libraries

34 Open-Source Python Libraries You Should Know About

The probability that you must have heard of ‘Python’ is outright. Guido Van Rossum’s brainchild – Python, which dates back to the ’80s has become an avid game changer. It is one...
Data Analyst salary

Surprising Salary Trends of Data Analysts in India – 2020

Who is a Data Analyst- Job DescriptionHow to become a Data Analyst- Skills Required- Important tools usedTypes of Data AnalyticsA Day in the Life of a Data AnalystData Analysts Versus Data...
best mind mapping tools

Free Mind Mapping Tools for Data Scientists to Enhance Structured Thinking

In today’s world, where data is king and tonnes of information is being generated every day from all sorts of sources, data visualisation is the need of the hour. This is especially...