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java data structures

Data Structures and Algorithms in Java

All of us, irrespective of whether we have majored in computer science or not, have come across the term ALGORITHM. What exactly does this word mean? Let us discuss it with you...
trees in data structure

Understanding Trees in Data Structures

We have all watched trees from our childhood. It has roots, stems, branches and leaves. It was observed long back that each leaf of a tree can be traced to root via...
graph in data structure

Representing Graphs in Data Structures

Graph Basics Contributed by: Ruchi Nayyar A graph can be thought of as a data structure that is used to describe relationships between entities. An...
Data Structures Using Java

Data Structures & Algorithm using Java a Beginners Guide

What is Java?What are Data Structure?ArrayLinked ListStack QueueBinary TreeBinary Search TreeHeapHashing Graph What is Java? Before we learn about Data Structures using...
Data Structures using C

Data Structures using C | What are the Data Structure in C and How...

What is C Programming Language?What are data structures using C?ArrayLinked ListStack QueueBinary TreeBinary Search TreeHeapHashing Graph What is C Programming Language? Designed by Dennis RitchieFirst appearance- 1972Uses...