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How Journalists can Improve Storytelling by Embracing Design Thinking Strategies

Whether it be Indian news media, or American, we often hear people around us complaining about the declining quality of journalism. As individuals become more and more educated, the more they yearn...
hatch and bloom

How Hatch and Bloom used design thinking to improve food service and create a...

From improving hospitals/courts/housing systems to remodelling the sitting arrangement, Design Thinking can help businesses find a solution to strategies by enabling a seamless and user-satisfaction centric approach. And we have been proving...
sustainable energy

How to apply Design Thinking to Sustainable Energy in South Africa

The demand for energy in South Africa is on an upward trend and is expected to rise massively by 2025. Of all the sustainable and renewable energy sources in South Africa, solar...

How three banks are integrating design into customer experience?

Nowadays, customers’ preferences are changing, and they are looking for more choices and solutions built with empathy. A traditional bank customer was used to standing in long queues, and banks didn't care...

How the US Federal Government Uses Design Thinking for Public Programs

When it comes to Design Thinking, you would probably only think of high-pressure tech companies implementing it to launch new products/services. If that is the case, you would be surprised to hear...