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    The Digital Marketing Lessons we can Learn from the Kardashians

    Source The conversations about the Kardashians have recently shifted from “what are they famous for?” to “how are they so rich?” (like, REALLY)....
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    5 Essential Digital Marketing Skills in 2021

    Digital Marketing is about communicating with individuals, understanding what resonates with them, and delivering this content to them in the best possible way. More than asking your audience to buy a product...
    Digital Marketing interview Questions

    Digital Marketing Interview Questions in 2021

    Digital Marketing Interview Questions 1. List the key areas where you can use keywords to optimize your site ranking. Ans –  To optimize the...
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    Digital Marketing Strategies: Ultimate Guide to make a Digital Marketing Plan

    Digital marketing has become the heart of the marketing departments of organizations. The reason is simple, more reach, improved conversion rates and higher revenues. This shows that Digital marketing has become so...
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    Top 10 Digital Marketing Jobs for Freshers

    As we enter the digital era and move most of our business processes to an online platform, the application of digital marketing has widely increased. Recruiters are looking to hire individuals with...