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    tapping twitter

    Tapping Twitter Sentiments: A Complete Case-Study on 2015 Chennai Floods

    Introduction We did this case study as a part of our capstone project at Great Lakes Institute of Management, Chennai. After we presented this study, we got...
    Delhi pollution

    Capstone Project: Identifying Patterns in New Delhi’s Air Pollution

    Introduction of Capstone Project Diwali is just 5 days. Guess what is the most tell-tale sign- The NCR air quality index, which is already soaring as high as last...

    Basics of building an Artificial Intelligence Chatbot

    Introduction to chatbotsIdentifying opportunities for an Artificial Intelligence chatbotTypes of chatbotsApplications of chatbotsThe architecture of chatbotsCorpus or training data Simple Text-based Chatbot using NLTK with PythonData...
    business analyst interview questions

    130 Most Common Business Analyst Interview Questions

    Preparing for a Business Analyst Job Interview? Here are a few tips and the most useful and common business analyst interview questions that you might face. Before attending an interview for a business...
    data science interview questions

    100+ Data Science Interview Questions for 2021

    Data Science is a comparatively new concept in the tech world, and it could be overwhelming for professionals to seek career and interview advice while applying for jobs in this domain. Also,...